History of the Lucky Sweep

The timeless classic Mary Poppins, immortalised the lucky sweep through Dick Van Dykes lyrics ‘a sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be.’ However the genesis of this luck was vague; a consistent belief is that a sweep grasped the reins of a panicking horse and saved its hapless rider from certain death.

Royal Pic 4He then disappeared into the throng not realising he had saved the life of King George. The King declared that all chimney sweeps were bearers of good luck and must be treated with respect; the King’s luck thus became the sweep’s amulet.

Royal Pic 2Over two hundred years later Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s marriage was also blessed, when on their wedding morning Prince Philip had a ‘Lucky Send Off’ from the palace sweep. This moving and romantic rite bears consideration when taking those first steps into married life.

A Letter from Buckingham Palace

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